We’re Your Time Bank

The Long Beach Time Exchange is a de-centralized community network that facilitates the sharing of time and talents for the common good. We rely on members finding safe and beneficial ways to help out their neighbors, one hour at a time.

Members earn one time credit for each hour that they help others, and spend one time credit for each hour that they receive a favor, service, or lesson from another person or organization. Members are encouraged to launch community benefit projects and initiatives that bring neighbors together around some common values.

Services exchanged over 20,000 hours through the Long Beach Time Exchange in the past thirteen years are core functions for a healthy society— childcare, transportation, eldercare, household repairs, homework help, Spanish and ESL classes, cooking, respite care, office assistance, tutoring, yard work, small business development, companionship, housecleaning and anything else that our members decide to offer!

We use an online software called hOurworld to connect to other members. We are working to transition to a mobile app called SevaX. Applicants at hOurworld will be reviewed by our ombudsperson within a month of applying, and hOurworld users will receive information on how to join the upcoming mobile app.

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